Posted: 1 week ago

Batumi United in the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities

Batumi will be united in the UNESCO network of creative cities. Eliso Bolkvadze, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Culture Committee, writes about this on Facebook. She also notes that this decision is also politically important.

"I want to congratulate you all! We have successfully completed the negotiations with UNESCO in Paris, along with other prominent European cities, Batumi will be included in the list of "creative cities". This means strengthening the position of our country on the world cultural and tourist maps.

This decision of an authoritative international organization is also politically significant. I would like to thank the Deputy Secretary-General of UNESCO, Mr. Ernesto Ottone, for his cooperation with other international partners," Bolkvadze wrote.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) was established in 2004. Its goal is to collaborate with cities that see creativity as a strategic factor in sustainable urban development. There are currently 246 cities connected to the network.