Posted: 2 weeks ago

Batumi Rehabilitated Airport Receives 173 Vaccinated Tourists from Israel

This is an important decision amid the pandemic, when TAV Georgia increased investments for Batumi Airport expansion to $17 million from $14 million, Tamar Archuadze, director of the Georgian Airports Association noted.

TAV Georgia, Tbilisi, and Batumi Airport Operator Company, finished the expansion project, and on March 25 Batumi Airport received 173 vaccinated tourists from Israel, Archuadze said. After the Batumi Airport expansion project, the airport's turnover capacity doubled and the airport will handle over 1.2 million passengers yearly. We believe that the number of airlines at Batumi International Airport will increase, Tamar Archuadze pointed out.

"Since 2007 up to the pre-pandemic period, the number of airlines increased 5 times at Batumi Airport. We believe that the new Airport will attract more airlines and more tourists to Adjara Region”, Tamar Archuadze noted. International-standard food facilities and two bus stations were added to the new terminal. Around 300 local workers were employed as part of the project.