Posted: 3 weeks ago

Adjara Tourism Department to Create Culinary Guide to Promote Local Cuisine

The culinary expedition is launched to popularize the dishes of Adjara. The Tourism Development Department of Adjara plans to examine the traditions of making dishes of the region and popularize them in order to develop gastronomic tourism. 

During the culinary expedition, it is planned to study the types of cheese in the municipalities, their preparation technologies, and traditions. The culinary guide on the one hand will help visitors to get acquainted with Adjara dishes, know where they can taste them, on the other hand, will help to introduce and popularize Adjara dishes in the menus.

Last year, in order to popularize Adjara dishes, the Department of Tourism of Adjara prepared video tutorials of Kobuleti, Laz, and mountainous Adjara cuisine. 

This year, culinary master classes and training are planned for developing gastronomic tourism.