Posted: 4 months ago

According to TBC Capital This Summer was Major Challenge for Tourism in Georgia

TBC Capital conducted research on the tourism sector.

The presentation of the research was held on October 7 at the Tbilisi History Museum “Karvasla” and was led by TBC Bank CEO, Bank Management and TBC Capital representatives.

TBC Capital Research describes recent trends in the tourism industry, and representatives of various class hotels have been interviewed in Tbilisi and the region. The document analyzes international tourism statistics and provides examples of different countries.

According to the TBC Capital Survey, Georgia's tourism sector and visitors are expected to increase in the coming years.

According to the document, this summer was a major challenge for the country, but according to available data, a 5% increase in the number of tourists is still expected by the end of the year. With the recent growth rate, Georgia is ahead of the European tourist countries such as Greece, Croatia, Malta and Cyprus. If we compare Georgia to these tourist countries again, we can say that we have the potential to receive twice as many tourists.

Research shows that it is important to increase the number of accommodations available for tourists. According to the document, the number of visitors per capita in Georgia is increasing, although it is still one of the lowest rates in Europe.

During the last year, TBC's contribution to the tourism sector amounted to GEL 800 million, of which GEL 300 million was spent on tourism development in the regions.

The full version of TBC Capital Research will be posted on the TBC Research website.