Posted: 3 weeks ago

Abastumani GEL51 Million Rehabilitation Project Starts

51 million GEL will be spent on the development of Abastumani. Specifically, rehabilitation of the green and blue corridor is planned.

The so-called "Blue-Green Corridor" is a single recreational zone - on both banks of the river Otskhe there is a boulevard with pedestrian, bicycle paths and bridges connected to them by residential and public facilities.

The project includes the improvement of mobility in the town of Abastumani, which includes the rehabilitation of the river Otskhe riverbeds, bridges, main and local roads.

The tender for the procurement of design and construction works has already been announced by the Municipal Development Fund, and the project is financed by the World Bank.

Abastumani is located in Samtskhe-Javakheti at an altitude of 1250-1650 meters above sea level. There are a total of 791 buildings in one of the famous resorts of the country, 1 of them is of national category, and 115 are cultural heritage monuments.

According to the land use plan prepared by "Geographic", it is possible to develop a multi-profile, exclusive green-ecological resort, as well as a diversified tourism industry in Abastumani; Creating a research cluster.

The advantage of the resort is considered to be the distinctive natural-climatic conditions, the current rehabilitation of the cultural heritage; Existence of archeological objects in Kurtskhana gorge; Direct location near Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park; The existence of an astrophysical observatory; Proximity to Sairme and Goderdzi resorts; Current gasification; Complete power supply and more.