Posted: 1 year ago

₾2.3 Million Amphitheater to be Builit in Ambrolauri

The city of Ambrolauri in Racha will be home to a new amphitheater project. The design of the construction of the amphitheater has already been completed and financial resources are being sought for the implementation of the project - Gocha Enukidze, the majoritarian deputy of Ambrolauri, Oni, Tsageri, Lentekhi and Mestia, announced this on his official Facebook page.

Gocha Enukidze notes in the published information that the amphitheater will become an important cultural object of Racha in the future, which will lead to the development of tourism and the economic situation in the region.

"We completed creating a construction project of the amphitheater. In order to implement the project, we are searching for financial resources, after which we will start building it on the territory of "Kvabtkri", which will become one of the important cultural objects of Racha in the future.

The project includes the construction of an exhibition hall, stage, parking space and other auxiliary facilities, as well as improvement of the surrounding area.

The amphitheater will host various events, festivals and gala-concerts every year, which will help increase the flow of Georgian and foreign tourists and offer them a favorable environment. All this will have a positive impact on the development of tourism and the improvement of the economic situation of the region," said the information released by the majority deputy.

The initial cost of the project is 2 300 000 GEL. The amphitheater should be built within 2 years after the announcement of the winning company in the tender. Funding is planned through various programs of the Ministry of Infrastructure.