Posted: 4 months ago

120-Room Hotel to Be Built in Balneological Resort Nunisi

The founders of "Nunisi Forest Hotel" are working on a plan to build a 120-room hotel in the resort.

As Irma Daushvili, the co-founder of the resort, said in an interview with Forbes Georgia, there is a prospect of making a road to Nunisi, so they have started thinking about the development of the resort.

"We are at the stage of completion, after which we will be able to boldly offer it to investors. The plan includes medical and hotel directions. A recreation complex is built with all the modern equipment that is in Europe today. The vacationer will be consulted by qualified doctors and will be able to rest in comfortable rooms,” said Irma Daushvili.

Irma Daushvili also spoke about the infrastructural problems of the resort and noted that if these problems were solved, the resort would be further developed.

''The resort would have developed even more if the infrastructure had been repaired, which was promised since 2006. We have managed to solve many things on our own, for example, we have built a mini-HPP and so on, but that is not enough,''said Irma Daushvili. 

Nunisi Forest Hotel and Spa - a medical, health and recreation complex was founded in 2001. It is located in the northeastern part of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, in the gorge of the River Nunisi.

The investment in the hotel is USD 4-5 million, which includes two-stage development plan. In particular, adding 60 numbers at the first stage and another 60 numbers - at a later stage.