Posted: 4 months ago

Z x Startuper - TBC Supporting the New Generation of Startups

"Z x Startuper" - this is the name of the set of initiatives implemented by TBC specifically for the new generation of entrepreneurs, within the program Startup.

Z x Startup aims to simplify the startup and development of business for Z generation startups and provide them with the necessary knowledge and experience.

"Supporting and strengthening the new generation is an important part of TBC's strategy. We want to make it easier for the younger generation of entrepreneurs in the country to start and develop a business and create an ecosystem of a new generation of startups. Our goal is to encourage entrepreneurial spirit in young people and give them the incentive to take responsibility for themselves, to think on a large scale, to learn from mistakes. Finally, to build successful businesses and create a quality product or service, ”said Vakhtang Butskhrikidze, General Director of TBC.

Initiatives to support a new generation of TBC startups:

Startup Education - online courses for specialists in various fields, which share important and useful knowledge and advice with start-up startups;
Outdoor Fairs - Throughout the year, startups at various types of outdoor fairs are given the opportunity to sell their products and get to know consumers. External fairs contribute, on the one hand, to the development of startups, and, on the other hand, give customers the opportunity to discover a new Georgian startup of interest to them;

"Startup Marathon" - a joint project of Alte University and TBC for schoolchildren (10th-12th graders), where young people will develop their own startup ideas with mentors and trainers and fight for victory. Z x Startuperi will give a prize of 5000 GEL to the winning team;

Application Competition - The project serves the discovery and development of technology startups in both financial and technological and knowledge sharing areas.

Marketing support for young startups and their businesses and sharing content in a variety of formats, including: video, blog, photo reporting and more.

"Startuper" is a TBC program, which aims to support the development of startups and stimulate the start-up of new businesses. The program offers both financial and non-financial support.

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