Posted: 1 year ago

Wowchy - First Online Gift Shop in Georgia

Wowchy is a newly founded startup that offers customers gift cards of well-known brands for special days: birthday, New Year, March 8th, Valentine's Day, and many more.

"We started working on the product at the end of 2019. The brand appeared on the Georgian market during a pandemic when the demand highly increased for remote services.", told the co-founder of a startup, Tatia Khaindrava CBW. 

According to Tatia Khaindrava, the idea of creating such startup came to her spontaneously, when she herself faced a common problem - she could not buy a gift for her friend's birthday because of the endless queues. She shared the idea of Wowchy with Gio Lejava, UX/UI specialist who helped to implement it. 

One can order a gift voucher online and Wowchy also will take care of delivering it to the addressee. 

"Wowchy is designed to prevent the customer from the difficult and tedious process of selecting a gift, as well as the inconvenience of presenting an unwanted gift to the recipient."

The company is oriented on creating maximum comfort for the user, based on its behaviour, recently, the platform design was changed, it became more user-friendly. 

"Feedback from media and our customers is positive, the company is constantly checking customer satisfaction and trying to become as tailored as possible to them."

Currently, Wowchy offers its customers gift vouchers of more than 60 brands. In the near future, the team plans to create a fully digital version of the product, which means that gift card will exist virtually and it will be used via QR code. Simultaneously, a physical card will remain in the offer, the customer will be able to choose the desired option. It is also planned to create the Wowchy app. The customer soon will be able to use the option "Shared Wallet", with which, group of friends or co-workers will be able to easily buy a gift together for the recipient.

"The company constantly improves itself, increases the list of partners and creates diverse services. Therefore, our customers will see more and more developed and user-friendly versions of the existing brand.

We are currently running the Impact Hub pre-acceleration program and are among the 20 selected startups."