Posted: 1 year ago

Winning Company WebApp Targets Foreign Countries to Introduce their Services

Georgian startup WebApp has just been named by the Investment Committee among the 20 winners of the GEL 100,000 co-financing grant program.

WebApp provides beauty salons, aesthetic centers, clinics with software. This means simplifying the process of providing and receiving services for the management of the company, as well as for employees and customers, as a whole: multifunctional calendar (booking the procedure, finding the next booking), inventory accounting system, employees (payroll, day-offs, etc.) and customer base, statistical information, relationships with insurance companies (simple calculation of the amount owed to the insured patient, etc.), creation of electronic patient questionnaires - and software-solving of other tasks necessary for the operation of the business.

''We have divided "WebApp" into 2 directions: the first is WebApp Software and the second is WebApp Business. In the field of Software, we serve dental clinics, beauty salons, and service provider businesses, while in the field of Business, we place private orders with our team. So, for example, it's been 2 days since we completed Redco Management Property Management System and we are actively starting the implementation process.

We understand the power of technology, so we create software specifically tailored to each company, as well as creating tools, such as mobile applications, websites, etc. We have customers not only in Georgia but also in France and Germany,''-said Levan Meskhishvili, co-founder of WebApp at Marketer. 

WebApp has entered every corner of Georgia. Accordingly, the goal is to increase market share rapidly and maintain quality service.

''Maximizing satisfaction on Georgian market and starting operating abroad are some of our plans for the current year. We hope that we will be able to present the result of our hard work, our software and private services in different countries. Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Armenia are our target countries, and at this stage, we are in the process of negotiating with potential partners,''-said Levan Meskhishvili.