Posted: 3 weeks ago

Winners of the GEL 100,000 Co-Financing Grant Program Revealed

The Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology announced the seventh co-financing grant program under the National Innovation Ecosystem (GENIE) project on June 23, 2021 for the seventh time. Out of the 246 applications submitted, foreign experts specially selected for the co-financing grants program identified finalists who were being trained by foreign trainers to present their ideas to the Investment Commission.

The following are the 20 startups that won the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency's 100,000 GEL co-financing grant program:

Temi Cloud - Temi Cloud helps professional groups and companies connect with each other
Ganage - Democratization of insurance
Plamood - sports social media network on the website and mobile, the app offers all the necessary tools that athletes need
Brains - Academic Olympiads 2.0 - The company's mission is to provide schoolchildren with academic Olympiads that will not only assess their knowledge but also give them data-based feedback and recommendations on how to develop.
Online rehabilitation center "dayone" - prevention / rehabilitation of ludomania (gambling addiction)
Vetapp - Integrate a pet veterinary passport into a smartphone
Crosscreators - The goal of the project is to create an innovative "Marketplace" that connects augmented reality creators and brands
PRO MAJOR - The aim of the project is to create a new generation of unique high-protein protein supplements in the form of beverages and powders, which have no analogues in the world.
Areal Guide - Creating a digital guide software platform for museums
Rentech - Affordable Consumer Technology
Wrapstocks - Innovative Fintech Startup That Enables Retail Investors to Buy Shares by Paying Low Transaction Fees Through Blockchain Technologies
GoodLeads - The project aims to increase the sales of real estate companies with a "smart" CRM assistant that: 1) automatically optimizes leads - saves time spent on poor quality leads 2) gives recommendations to sales agents based on data analysis 3) analyzes and reports where they bought an apartment Missed leads.
Ensofy - Startup Mission to Create a Depression Screening and Monitoring Tool Using Voice-AI Technology
Symply Shop - Simplified online store for Instagram users
Ambry - the startup slogan - make the crypto world trustworthy and secure
Theneo - The goal of the project is for developers and small / medium-sized companies to be able to generate API-like documentation for technology giants quickly and at minimal cost.
Kroudi - an online group-based app that is completely customer-oriented. The customer group decides what they want to order together in order to achieve the minimum order quantity required by the sellers (the seller can be any company around the world) and also to save on logistics costs.
WEBHR.GE - Startup aims to simplify human resource management processes for companies by digitizing them
Role playing video game "The way of wrath" - creating the first Georgian large-scale computer role-playing game and launching it on the global market
Thermonorth - Startup aims to reduce emissions and fossil fuel consumption by up to 5% in tribology through transport and energy production
The decision was made by the Investment Committee, staffed by high-level international venture investors: Marvin Liao, Jonathan Tower, Tim Wagner, Asher Sidiku, George Bachiashvili.

115 startups have already been funded under the six rounds of the co-financing grant program. The goal of the program is to develop innovative products and services with international potential in Georgia, to commercialize them and to stimulate the creation of innovative enterprises. Co-financing grants are one of the most common funding tools used to support innovation in both developed and emerging economies.

The GENIE project provided co-financing grants for startups and private companies up to two years old. The total budget for the grant competition was two million GEL.