Posted: 1 year ago

Winners of GITA's 30,000 and 100,000 GEL Grant Programs Revealed in Guria

The Guria region revealed the GITA grant program winners as part of the integrated development program of the pilot regions.

The winners of the 30,000 GEL and 100,000 GEL grant programs of the Innovation and Technology Agency of Georgia were announced in the Guria region. The program is implemented in four regions of Georgia (Imereti, Kakheti, Guria, Racha-Lechkhumi-Kvemo Svaneti) within the framework of the "2020-2022 Pilot Regions Integrated Development Program" funded by the European Union.

Winning projects in the 30,000 GEL grant competition are:

Management systems of farms and fish farms in Ozurgeti - for beginners and active entrepreneurs to manage and develop their own business in simple and flexible ways, using modern technologies, with minimal use of human resources. The user will have the opportunity to systematically determine the ways of business growth, automatically plan and record daily activities, such as food stock management, monitoring, automatic planning of hourly meals, recording of meal plan execution, and others.

Panacea - Bakhmaro's pinecone tincture - production of a unique Bakhmaro and Guria's pinecone tincture in the village of Dvabzu, Ozurgeti municipality, with various healing and healing properties.

Beekeepers' service center - Creation of European model and HACCP standard beekeepers' service center from Aketi village of Lanchkhuti municipality, with honey extraction, processing, and bottling services. As a result, the project will help those beginners and professional beekeepers who do not have access to modern technologies and do not have the opportunity to process and pour honey in a certified enterprise. After the opening of the center, entrepreneurs will be able to increase product quality and enter trade networks and export markets.

Winning projects in the 100,000 GEL grant competition are:

Badishi - production of a modern and unique tasting product in Ozurgeti. Innovative product/packaging - "one scoop" serving of sauces, convenient for lunches, picnics, on the go. By touching the special material, the consumer can feel the aroma of the product, and the packaging and portion size will simplify the consumption process and save the consumer's budget. Badishi will also support the employment of socially vulnerable people in Guria.

Sillage-making service from Ozurgeti - provision and packaging of services necessary for making silage for cattle feed using an innovative method in Guria and not only in the Guria region, which will help farmers to replace the low-profitable crop, food, or fodder corn they currently grow with high-profitable silage corn, and thereby increase the genetic potential of the commodity. disproportionately low in improving quantitative, qualitative, and therefore financial results in both milk and meat production.

Agrodron - using the latest technologies, in particular drones, created an innovative service in St. from Ozurgeti, which will simplify the process of poisoning fruit orchards and plantations for the farmers of the Guria region, will allow them to save time, energy and money. As a result, the cost of raw materials will decrease, and product quality and competitiveness will increase.

Tiles made of hazelnut shell - the first bio-material for furniture produced in Georgia. From Ozurgeti - an efficient and biologically safe product obtained by secondary processing of hazelnut shell, from which furniture, doors, laminate, shelves, and many other types of bioproducts can be produced. Universal, building and finishing solid fiber plywood for any structure will be produced, which will replace the fiberboard containing glue, which is widely distributed on the market today.

In accordance with the unified regional development policy and the latest approaches to territorial planning of the European Union, the goal of the program is to develop the regional entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem, stimulate the creation of innovative enterprises and include them in the country's economy.