Posted: 2 years ago

Winners of GITA Grant Programs Announced as part of Integrated Pilot Regions Development Program

The winners of the 30,000 GEL and 100,000 GEL grant programs of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency have been announced in the Kakheti region.

The program is implemented in five regions of Georgia (Imereti, Kakheti, Guria, Racha-Lechkhumi, and Kvemo Svaneti) within the framework of the "Integrated Development Program for Pilot Regions 2020-2022" with EU grant funding.

Winners of 30 000 GEL grant competition Projects:

Durdo - The aim of the project is to solve the acute problems in the production of pitcher Qvevri wine and to improve the industrial production of pitcher wine.

Production of honey and honey products - the project aims to renew, develop and "modernize" traditional activities. Adding and producing uniqueness to metaphysics as an indigenous tradition and activity.

Platform - The goal of the project is to develop equestrian tourism, which means digitalization of the field and increasing accessibility for both customers and service providers.

Churchkhela Box - The goal of the project is to popularize traditional Georgian sweets. The so-called Churchkhela DIY box, is a box made of the necessary ingredients for making churchkhela.

Georgian, biologically grown wheat germ powder (suspension) and herbal tea - The aim of the project is to produce Georgian, organic germinated wheat powder and herbal tea and export it to the global market.

Chadi - The goal of the team is to automate the putting of wine in the pitcher. The idea combines two products - a pitcher with a chalice cap and a temperature controller.

Winning projects in the GEL 100,000 grant competition:

Smart Agriculture - The aim of the project is to introduce modern technologies, in particular, drones in agriculture, which will facilitate the activities of farmers and the development of intensive agriculture in Georgia.

Onyx Wings Studio - Game "Mistcaller" - The goal of the project is to bring the Georgian game - Mistcaller to the international arena.

Production of diabetic, gluten-free, and sugar-free foods with innovative recipes - the project aims to increase 10 times the small production of real diabetic, dietary, sugar-free, and gluten-free products in Kakheti, Shilda.

Only good wines - Only Georgian wines are a technological startup in the wine industry, which offers mobile technology services to small, medium, and large wineries in the Kakheti region, which includes wine bottling, labeling, filtration, and stabilization services using high-tech equipment.

In line with the latest regional development policies and the latest approaches to EU territorial planning, the project aims to develop a regional entrepreneurial innovative ecosystem, stimulate the creation of innovative enterprises and integrate them into the country's economy.