Posted: 1 year ago

Wine Diamond's Georgian-Themed Accessories Now Available in USA and Japan

Wine Diamond, a company founded by Tamar Abuladze in 2021, specializes in producing accessories made of Georgian wine stone, which are being exported to New York and Tokyo.

The brand's goal is to make wine in jewelry a world trend. While the accessories are innovative and have received good feedback in test markets, more work is needed to establish the brand in the global market.

The company plans to launch a clothing collection in the near future, which will feature textiles with various Georgian themes, bags, and T-shirts.

The production of the accessories requires high-level design and service, which demands more financial and intellectual resources. Wine Diamond has received financing from "Produce in Georgia" to purchase the machines used in the production of the clothing line. However, the company needs more support to use intellectual resources for brand marketing.

Wine Diamond accessories can be purchased on the company's website, with prices ranging from 80 to 490 GEL.