Posted: 2 years ago

Wine Diamond: Georgia is the First Country to Produce Wine Stone Jewelry

Wine Diamond, a manufacturer of wine stone jewelry, plans to export its products to the United States and European countries.

As Tamuna Abuladze, the founder of Wine Diamond, says in an interview with, Georgia is the first country in the world to start producing wine stone jewelry, and according to her, the demand for their products in the Georgian market is high. According to her, their customers are mostly tourists.

"I founded Wine Diamond during the pandemic, in March 2021. At first, when I started this business, I was told that the production of jewelry from wine stone would be quite difficult. The demand in the Georgian market is very high. We want to be able to export it in 2021. We think it will be the US and European countries," said Tamuna Abuladze.

The initial investment in the creation of the Georgian company Wine Diamond was 500 GEL. Nowadays, product prices range from 80-320 GEL.