Posted: 4 weeks ago

Wiggly to Enhance Pet Care Experience with Upcoming Mobile App

Wiggly, an innovative Georgian product designed for pet owners, has recently been awarded a 150,000 GEL grant by GITA.

Tornike Chutnishvili, co-founder of the startup, shared with "Business Partner" that a portion of the grant will be allocated towards enhancing and refining the product. The primary focus, however, is set on the development and launch of iOS and Android applications.

"Our immediate objective is to use a part of the grant for product improvement. Following that, we'll focus on app development. A significant amount of the grant will be invested in marketing and communication strategies for the app. Concurrently, we are planning to initiate a pre-seed investment round aimed at making a strong entry into the U.S. market," explained Chutnishvili.

As a refresher, Wiggly introduces a novel approach to pet care with its personal AI assistant – akin to a bot for pet owners. It offers veterinary advice by making preliminary diagnoses based on symptoms.

Moreover, it provides comprehensive care guidance covering aspects such as vaccinations and training. This is facilitated through a specialized questionnaire that gathers detailed information about the pet, enabling the chatbot to deliver prompt and personalized advice.