Posted: 1 year ago

Wiggly - New Georgian Startup and Your Pet's Personal AI Assistant

The companion animal industry is growing every year worldwide. Georgia is not an exception either. In our country, the number of people who have four-legged family members at home is increasing day by day. In addition, society is more actively involved in the social problem of homeless companion animals and thinks about ways to solve it.

Accordingly, there is a growing interest in the rules for the care of cats and dogs, which include many issues and details. People try to find this information through friends, social networks, scattered articles and constantly busy veterinarians. There are many questions, and finding correct and reliable answers is not so easy. Lack of time, limited finances, and sometimes even lack of access to services, create many problems for pet owners.

It is these obstacles that the new Georgian startup Wiggly intends to solve, which, using AI technologies, collects all important and necessary information about companion animals and offers 24-hour remote support to cat and dog owners.

Wiggly is a very smart, friendly and most importantly animal loving bot. You can ask questions about veterinary care, basic care, nutrition, and other service providers. Wiggly also takes into account the individual characteristics and needs of a particular animal, which makes its answers even more accurate and detailed.

According to Tornike Chountishvili, the co-founder of Wiggly, artificial intelligence is one of the most important trends in the world, for many industries, and the so-called It's a game changer.

"We think that the use of AI technologies will play a decisive role in the animal industry as well, and we want our startup to make a big contribution to the implementation of these changes"

At this point, with the data accumulated through months of research, Wiggly already has enough knowledge to offer customers the support they need. With each new interaction with users, AI technology will be able to collect and process even more data. This means constant development and, over time, the ability to provide more and more accurate and personalized answers to more and more questions.

Wiggly will have two stages of development. In the first stage, the Georgian-language bot will serve the Georgian market completely free of charge, and in the second stage, the company plans to enter the international market and create IOS and Android applications.

According to Natia Chikovani, co-founder of Wiggly, "Dogs and cats are companion animals. For them, life with humans, socialization and our love are vital. Therefore, we humans have the responsibility to take care of them. Let your four-legged friends live their best life is the main concern of Wiggly, which we will never stop thinking.''

Source: Entrepreneur