Posted: 4 years ago

Wifisher Operates in 8 Countries – Georgian Startup’s Plans

Georgian startup company WiFisher operates in 8 countries. At this stage the company is conducting negotiations with 6 other countries, WiFisher co-founder Nodo Ivanidze said.

“Our system operates in stable regime in 8 countries and negotiations are underway with 6 other countries. We have changed our strategy and we are able to talk with several other regions simultaneously. We want to find partner internet providers. We have achieved similar cooperation format in Sweden and Uganda. In these countries our internet partners have wider option for communications and our products are sold on favorable conditions and this factor fosters our development”, Nodo Ivanidze said.

According to the WiFisher founder the company concluded one of the last agreements in Egypt. At this stage the Georgian startup is represented on 4 continents and in the near future the company expects to enter Australia and American contents too.

WiFisher installs wireless internet equipment at various facilities, including at cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and electronic music festivals, after which the specific facilities are able to place WiFi advertisements.