Posted: 1 year ago

We Keep Raising Additional Finances for Rapid Development – Winner Startup KOVZY

GITA co-funding program winner startup KOVZY is an integrated platform for the transformation of food business processes that is to shape a full digital ecosystem of the field.

As noted by KOVZY co-founder Sandro Darsavelidze, the startup allows restaurants to create their own website and application with an inbuilt online orders platform, without extra costs. Consequently, the customers are able to directly contact the desirable restaurants for making online orders.

„The experience gained in the GITA co-funding program will help us in developing our project. We have got acquainted with many interesting persons and gained much experience. We have new ideas and opportunities. I would participate in another similar project. We have already launched our application. At this stage, we keep raising additional finances for rapid development. Thanks to the grant, we will start active marketing campaigns and work on improving the application. We plan to enter Central and Eastern European countries. In 2-3 years we will introduce our product onto the global market”, Sandro Darsavelidze noted.