Posted: 3 years ago

Watch of Georgian Students to Measure Air Pollution

BM.GE has contacted Ramaz Javakhishvili, one of the founders of Airadi start-up company, which has won Social Impact Award. The students took part in several projects, but in. Only Social Impact Award gave them the chance to win 2000 EUR. The students will use this money to improve and refine the prototype.

At this stage, the students are seeking investors to launch full-scale production of their prototype watch.

Startup Airadi is a smart watch which gives information about air pollution level, temperature and humidity.

-Who have worked on the project and what time have you spent on the project implementation?

-I have been working on the project for three months jointly with my team member Mate Javakhishvili. I think we have made significant advancements as a start-up, developed a business plan, created the product protype and design, examine the market tendencies.

-How will Social Impact Award assist in implementation of your ideas?

-SIA’s engagement in the project was very important and this factor has much contributed to our project promotion. Our objective is to maximally develop and refine our project and launch production chain.