Posted: 2 years ago

Vorrei - A New Natural Skin and Haircare Startup Launched in Georgia

Georgian startup VORREI manufactures cosmetic products of natural raw materials.

As noted by the brand co-founder Mariam Dolishvili, the product is made at their own enterprise based on technological standards. “The project was implemented by private investments.

The production space is ours. We have spent GEL 10,000 on production and distribution. We manufacture cosmetic products thermally. We import raw materials from Italy, China. Unlike other companies, we also use powder and oil of various natural plants, hibiscus tea, green tea, Himalayan salt, and so on. We produce women's and men's lines, face cream, face masks, soaps, and so on. Soon we will introduce hair care products. In 2-3 months will launch a new line for children”, Mariam Dolishvili said.

VORREI sells products from online stores. The company plans to expose its products to the GLOVO startup department. For the coming New Year, the company has introduced interesting gift boxes. The startup launched sales only 3 weeks ago and the market has shown a growing interest in their cosmetic products.

“As for future plans, we believe that imports of machinery require essential costs. Therefore, we plan to participate in grant competitions and co-financing projects”, the VORREI co-founder said.