Posted: 2 years ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Usuli: Story of Mystical Beauty Elixir from Racha Mountains

Usuli lets people take care of themselves with 100% natural products and medicines, consisting of ingredients found in Racha. Khatia Lobjanidze and Nani Kobakhidze, founders of Usuli, shared story of a brand with CBW. 

How did you come up with the idea, which factor helped you implement and develop your startup?

We arrived in Racha from Tbilisi during the pandemic, it was a good period to give wings to our grandmother's dreams. From her we thoroughly learned how to make a unique beauty elixir, operatively supplied the necessary ingredients and packaging materials, came up with a name, logo, and that's how Usuli was born - beauty elixirs made by love from Racha mountains. 

Our grandmother's years of experience and her satisfied and loyal customers gave us the stimulus to create a natural cosmetics brand. Since then, we actively care for people's satisfaction and happiness together with our grandmother. 

The motivation that we receive from each person helps us to develop "Usuli", we are very committed to making our products accessible and interesting to everyone and to take care of their beauty.

As we know, Usuli products are made in Racha. Tell us about the benefits of the ingredients and characteristics of the region. 

We make "Usuli" products in Racha together with my grandmother. In addition to the main ingredients, such as spermaceti, cocoa butter, shea butter, vegetable oils, and vitamins - we use supplements that are found in Racha and have special properties, such as Eucalyptus leaves, saffron, multivitamin, mint, chamomile, asparagus, Tincture, aloe, black currant, cedar oil, parsley tincture, ablipikha, rachuli honey, beeswax, resin and a few other ingredients that make our care products and medicines special.

The medicinal properties of the above plants are with the presence of biologically active so-called active substances, such as alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, essential oils, gums, vitamins, etc., which have a certain effect on the human skin or body. Some of them are antibiotic-producing plants that we actively use: in the treatment of herpes, dandruff, and bed sores. Racha region is famous for its natural resources, which allows us to create unique natural self-care products.

How did public the react to the appearance of your brand and who is your customer?

The appearance of "Usuli" made many people happy, especially the women living in our region. It aroused great interest in the community and we received a lot of positive reviews. Our customers are primarily people living in Oni and Ambrolauri districts, but the products of "Usuli" have already reached all parts of Georgia, to those who appreciate and prefer natural cosmetics.

What technology do you use to create your product and what is the process like?

We do not use any kind of technology to make products. Each cream is handmade, charged with love and positive energy.

Where can customers reach you to buy your product? 

You can buy "Usuli" products through "Usuli" Facebook and Instagram stores, as well as in Oni - in the store "ETHNOoni-Etnoon" and also in the store -Ventilator- in Tbilisi.

What excites you most right now and what do you see as your next step?

Our goal is for everyone to get acquainted with "Usuli" beauty elixirs and become one of the leading cosmetic brands in Georgia. We have a lot of plans because we are at the initial stage of development, but the latest goal is to open a salon-type store in Tbilisi, which will be as mystical and different as "Usuli".