Posted: 4 years ago

Unicorn Ceramics – Traditions Represented in Contemporary Way

The story of Unicorn Ceramics started three years ago when the artist Maia Baratashvili got interested in ceramics. “It was a period when I wanted to temporarily distance myself from the painting. The first thing that came to me was clay. So I found myself in a ceramic workshop. “

The original purpose was to make sculptures, but it got such a big response that artist decided to go through this line.  The experience of working on ceramics has made her a self-taught expert, watching YouTube tutorials.

Over time, the products were becoming more diverse. Initially, Unicorn Ceramics had originally painted pottery, and then began doing miniature items in the workshop. The innovations created by the creator are small size pitchers:

“I do not like souvenirs, but when I think about it, I realized that there are a lot of things in this direction to explore. I found the most obsolete theme, so it seemed a pitcher. The Georgian kvevri is the smallest of the size, the refined pattern and the colorful glaze. Most of the time, I’m happy that my pitchers were noticed by not only tourists but also the taste of Georgian consumers, which was my main intention. ” said Maia at Marketer.

What are your future plans?

I want to create a very high quality and very sophisticated Georgian souvenir. The pitcher was the first in this regard, which I did and it gained success. I aim at representing tradition in modern forms.

The Unicorn Ceramics workshop sometimes hosts tourists who have the opportunity to attend lessons, make such items and have a general idea about ceramics.

Where can one buy your products?

You can purchase products at Lado Asatiani 14, but it is more a workshop than a store. The orders are made here, so it does not work in the store mode.