Posted: 2 years ago

UG StartUp Factory Starts 6th Program of Acceleration

The 6th program of the University of Georgia (UG) accelerator UG StartUp Factory starts. It is divided into 2 parts and envisages integration with the GITA funding program.

The first part includes fast validation of startup ideas on the market and the most comprehensive feedback from costumer which will further guarantee to refine the initial idea. 

As soon as the first stage of acceleration is finished, startupers will prepare and apply to the Grants Program of GITA, with the help of the UG StartUp Factory team.
Despite the results, startupers continue to develop their projects and create an initial model of them. At the final stage, they will present their projects within the UG StartUp Factory demo day.
"UG StartUp Factory has been promoting startups development for already three years. Within the frameworks of already held projects, 6 startups were financed from the UG fund, 2 of them gained the GITA grant, and one of the startups received an international scholarship. The startups which are included in the UG accelerator attracted a total investment of 500,000 GEL.
Acceleration program is for all the people living in Georgia who wish to develop their startup or have an idea that would turn into a successful startup."