Posted: 3 years ago

This Real Estate Affiliate Platform Changes How we Sell and Buy Property in Georgia

Interview with the founder of Leadin, the first real estate affiliate platform, Rati Tserodze. 

Tell us about your project, how did you come up with the idea of creating such a platform?

The idea arose amid the pandemic, at the beginning of 2020. Having worked on the real estate market for several years, we discovered that all real estate developers had limited sales staff, that is, human resources. Only several persons work on real estate sales at these companies. The sales process is identical in almost all companies and they lack innovative approaches.

The pandemic has made companies sack many skillful employees. As a result, the labor market was saturated with people with good skills, but without employment opportunities.

We discovered that it was possible to decentralize real estate sales.

What's the business model for Leadin? What commission do you charge to customers and to real estate development companies?

-Based on the Affiliate business model, we enable people to earn from GEL 1,500 to GEL 10,000 a month. Furthermore, we promise development companies that over 500 brokers will work on sales of their apartments.

What are the core principles driving your product roadmap?

-Real estate developers gain the opportunity to reach potential customers, lower apartment sales costs, and shorten the time thanks to preliminary marketing costs.

Our objective is to fully automate the process and minimize the human component in the platform’s operation.

Leadin is a technological device for companies.

How do you identify the biggest advantages and challenges in the Real Estate market in Georgia? What role does the Leadin affiliate sales program will play in overcoming these challenges?

The demand for real estate market products has not disappeared amid the pandemic-generated economic crisis. Many customers want to buy apartments, but the economy remains fragile. Therefore, people lack stable financial resources to take corresponding decisions. Maybe, they had access to mortgage loans at the beginning of 2020, but their financial conditions changed in the second half and they became unable to buy new apartments.

We offer real estate developers to always stay in the right place at the proper time. We will motivate tens of professionals around the person who is interested to buy an apartment at a specific time. Consequently, this will be the shortest road for a development company to deliver its products to the customer.

If to compare Leadin’s affiliate program with the competitors, what is your honest opinion about its pros and cons?

Leadin has no direct rivals because it provides innovative concepts.

Tell us about your partnership with Advertwise.

Partnership with Advertwise allows becoming more mobile and flexible. Leadin is a startup oriented on the rapid solutions to challenges and rapid introduction of innovations.

Several startups have already launched operations based on Advertwise platform. Consequently, the experience and intellectual or technical opportunities of this company allow for resolving any issues in the shortest period and staying oriented on constant development.

What are Leadin’s plans for next year and where do you think you'll be in five years?

-Our objective is to penetrate the Eastern European market. The real estate markets of Hungary and Romania are very attractive, like Georgia. These markets are free of strict regulations and they also need innovative concepts in the sales process. We will expect to enter these markets in 2022.