Posted: 5 years ago

The project QvevriXYZ is the winner of Future Agro Challenge

The project QvevriXYZ is the winner of Future Agro Challenge.

Team of Davit Mizandari will present the idea of 3D Qvevri in Greece, between 7-11 september.

QvevriXYZ is a first ever 3D printed Qvevri. It is a unique Georgian vessel, which is used in winemaking. With elements of traditional Qvevri making process startup organizators have improved its structure and quality, but kept its unique characteristics.

“The Global Championship of the Future Agro Challenge will be held in Greece. There will be presented each winner group from each country, totaling 80 teams. Our team will present 3D Qvevri.”, Davit Mizandari noted.

The competition Future Agro Challenge is global initiative, which seeks innovators in the field of agrotechnology, agrotourism and agroculture around the world.

As he says, winning for the team is always a big encouragement.

“In this occasion, we are given a chance to represent Qvevri on an international level, not in a way of solving problems, but working with the new approaches and modern technologies to enhence efficiency. It has been nearly a year since we created 3D Qvevri and from that time we worked hard – now we have finished creating race of wine, setting technological parameters and studying the market of bio-wine with proffesors of Georgian Technical University. We have formulated general requirements, planned the production standart and quantity of Qvevri. Therefore, we established entire production-line from preparing the terracotta to glass-oven, which will be represented with its whole technological support.”, Davit Mizandari stated.

This year Future Agro Challenge was held in Georgia for the first time. Supporters of contest were innovations and Technology Agency of Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Starup Bureau of Tbilisi and Company “Beeline”.