Posted: 5 months ago

The first GLOBALIZE EU Conference Held in Paris

The first GLOBALIZE EU Conference took place in Paris on June 11 and successfully gathered Georgians living in the EU and Investors interested in Georgian startups. 

Conference held with the support of the Georgian Innovations & Technologies Agency (GITA) and the Bank of Georgia (BOG), aimed at expanding the Georgian investment, export and startup ideas to the EU market. It also helped visitors to expand their networking for future partnership. Some of successful startup leaders, speakers and experts shared their knowledge and experience to the startups preparing for global scaling. 

Conference covered panel discussions on topics like: 

digital transformation; opportunities for startups on early-stage investments, acceleration, scaling and on the rapid growth; legal framework on exporting to the EU market; product packaging standards in the EU and the rest of the world; entertainment industry adaptation to time changes; popularity of cryptos vs regulatory risks etc.  

Presenting or discussing at the panel, each speaker shared a knowledge and an experience to the startups, exporters and visitors of the conference. Presenters were Georgians very successful in their fields in Europe. They kindly confirmed they are ready to continue sharing experiences in future, in order to support Georgian startups. Speakers arrive to the Globelize EU conference from Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Malta and Georgia. 

“Considering the fact that Globalize is a professional network of Georgians around the world and it does its best to globalize more and more Georgian businesses, our working language is Georgian but also English, because we suggest Georgian startups to international investment groups. Therefore, the first part of the conference was in the Georgian language and the second in English. Very experienced speakers shared their knowledge with us, however our main goal was to introduce them to Georgian startups and exporters, in order to support future cooperations between them. This is in the sake of helping startups to reach investment groups as fast as possible” - Salome Kukava, the Founder and CEO of Globalize said. 

The second part of the conference was also important for pitching sessions. 12 Georgian startups presented their business to international investment groups and VCs.  

“To strengthen the networking skills and to reach the standards acceptable for potential partners we created some other opportunities for Georgian startups. A day before the Globalize EU conference, we organized a workshop “Preparing for Pitching” for them. Two of top class experts, Mr. Albert Szulman, a Serial Entrepreneur, the founder of Scale Up Booster accelerator and Mr. Ivs Lostanlen, a global entrepreneur and investor with 20-year experience in management, leadership and business development, delivered metroship to Georgian startups to prepare for pitching” - Irakli Davarashvili, Managing Partner of Globalize said. Globalize already organized the conference for Georgian startups in Silicon Valley (April 2022). According to Globalize representatives, a series of conferences are scheduled in different parts of the world during the year ahead. Dates will be published in coming weeks on