Posted: 4 years ago

The Educational Application "Muza" Created by Students

The winners of MIT global startup lab organized by BTU have been awarded with 10,000 Lari by Silknet.

The winner is Muza, the application created by three students, which makes the surveying process of the museum much more exciting, interesting and perceptual. While entering the museum, the examiner takes the equipment with him/her, in which the application is loaded.

The visitor becomes introduced to a museum with completing missions by Muza. The missions include instructions such as finding exponent, remembering different kinds of information about it, identifying fragments, etc. The visitor should look through every exponent and their information to complete the mission.

"Bringing in the elements of gamification in education enables students to assimilate the materials and it is confirmed by many kinds of research. This is the reason, why the main part of consumers of Muza will be students. The application will simplify the ways to study art and history through game.", defined creators of Muza and added: "We want to connect youth with history and art with such contemporary methods."

The 4-week program took place in BTU and the project was completed by 4 startup mentors invited from MIT and 28 students were participating.