Posted: 1 year ago

Text'nPayme - Startup that Enables Payments Through Any App

Text'nPayme is a startup founded by Arthur Karapetian, which recently entered the 500 Georgia accelerator program. The startup's goal is to enable users to easily and quickly make payments within any app through its mobile keyboard.

''Once I was browsing my Facebook wall and suddenly came across an article talking about the payment capabilities of WhatsApp and WeChat. At that moment I had no idea what it was all about. And after thorough research, I realized that a new wave of changes was beginning in the financial sector - social networks and messaging applications were gradually replacing banks.

Accordingly, we faced the challenge of creating a new solution. This solution would make banking services available within any application, without the need for technical integration, both in Web3 and Web2.

The only environment capable of this was the mobile keyboard.

We use our keyboards to communicate with our smartphones: searching, typing messages, etc. And therefore, it's also a great place to access other features like transactions – sending money, paying bills, making purchases, etc,'' shared Arthur about how it all began with MVP. 

Text'nPayme offers both consumers and financial institutions a mobile keyboard that allows them to make payments through any app without disrupting the current customer experience.

The core team consists of mobile and backend developers. From an early stage, they have assembled more than 10 industry-leading professionals who are constantly sharing their expertise and guiding them on their entrepreneurial journey.