Posted: 1 year ago

Tene Introduces First Georgian Reverse-Vending Machines to Tbilisi

Perhaps you have noticed special machines in European supermarkets,
through which citizens can reuse bottles, return them, and in return they receive money. A similar waste management model will soon become a reality for Georgia. 

On the initiative of "Tene" company, the first Georgian reverse-vending machine
will be placed in Tbilisi. 

It all started when, a few weeks ago, in Italy, the founder of ''Tene'', where Sandro Liluashvili attended the exhibition of modern technologies Ecomondo to learn how to make a Georgian thread from PET bottle. That's when he saw the machine, liked the billing system, and decided to bring it to Georgia. 

He later discovered that the Georgian company Edison Tech Solutions could make the same machine at a lower price and with more functions in Georgia. The prototype is done and the physical version will be ready in one month. 

The company will present the demo models in different shopping centers after finish the prototype. The vending machine will automatically give points on the customer's card.