Posted: 4 months ago

TBC Revealed the Winners of TBC Camp

The winners of the third stream of TBC and TBC Capital student program - "TBC Camp" are known.

The first place was won by students from the Free University, Mariam Kanashvili and Giorgi Meskhi, the second place - students from the Caucasus University's Business School, Nino Shanidze and Nino Siradze. Both jury-selected teams received a special prize - TBC Shares.

The goal of TBC Camp is to increase the awareness of investment banking among young people and to promote education in this area. In 2021, the project united 11 universities and up to 90 fourth-year students throughout Georgia. The students went through various stages during the semester: attending TBC Capital public lectures, reviewing business cases, and finally presenting the final investment projects to a jury composed of TBC Capital team members.

"Such interesting and in-depth programs are rare for beginners in the field of investment. That's why, as soon as I heard about TBC Camp, I became very interested. The most interesting part of the program was presenting our final project to the investors and convincing them of our investment offer. After analyzing the company we selected, we believed in the investment recommendation so much that it was not difficult to convince the investors," said Giorgi Meskhi, winner of TBC Camp. 

"I was interested in finances from an early age. I was specifically interested in the field of investment at the university. This is the direction that helps us make the right, strategic decisions. I connect my future activities with working with startups in the direction of investment ", - Mariam Kanashvili, winner of TBC Camp.