Posted: 1 month ago

TATI Introduces All-in-One Pet Care Platform in Georgia

Startup TATI, transforming pet care by centralizing all essential services within a single platform. Sergi Abashidze, co-founder of TATI, discussed the startup's mission and operations with "Business Partner."

He explained that pet owners often struggle with finding reliable care services and must rely on inconsistent word-of-mouth recommendations. To address this, TATI developed an app that consolidates a variety of pet care services, including grooming, veterinary visits, walking, and boarding, making it easier for owners to manage their pet’s needs.

"The idea for TATI was inspired by my own pet, Leo. When we adopted him, we were clueless about the available services nearby. Our app aims to provide pet owners with clear, accessible information on care services," Abashidze said. The app also features a personal diary where users can track important pet care dates like vaccinations and vet appointments, receiving reminders as needed.

Launched just two months ago after six months of development, the TATI app has quickly attracted over 1,000 registered users and is growing daily. Its appeal lies not only in its service offerings but also in its innovative features, such as a planning and notification system for pet care activities.

Besik Ekseulidze, another co-founder, highlighted that the app is free and can support multiple pets per user. "Our immediate aim is to expand our service offerings within the app. We plan to introduce additional features such as a pet shop, more walking services, and expanded veterinary care options. Ultimately, our ambition is to extend beyond Georgia and tap into European and neighboring markets," Ekseulidze added.

The platform is designed to benefit both pet owners and service providers. It includes a dedicated panel for business partners, allowing them to manage bookings, monitor staff performance, and oversee finances effectively. "Our business partners have access to tools that help them manage bookings and finances effortlessly. We've also integrated staff management features to help businesses optimize their operations," stated CTO Davit Sarjveladze.

Looking forward, TATI is poised for international expansion but is currently focused on securing a grant that would accelerate its development and enhance its service capabilities.