Posted: 1 year ago

Tamashobana is Opening a Conceptual Space in 2023

Tamashobana is a Georgian board game manufacturing company that has a vision of bringing people of different generations together through fun and educational games.

The company was founded seven years ago, and since then, it has developed 15 unique board games that help players learn, have fun, and acquire new skills. Creating each game is a complex process that involves defining the game's goals, tasks, and challenges. Tamashobana has collaborated with industry professionals to create one-of-a-kind games such as "Yoga for Children."

The founder of Tamashobana, Nau Songhulashvili, believes that the company's success is due to the love that the founders and everyone in the company has for the brand. The company's dedication to product innovation and love for the brand enabled them to participate in the world's largest international toy exhibition, Speilwarenmesse, in 2019 and 2023.

Participating in exhibitions is essential for the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. Companies can directly communicate with the audience, learn about current trends, and meet important business partners at these events. Tamashobana's participation in Speilwarenmesse in 2019 was made possible by the support of Enterprise Georgia, which has contributed to the growth of the toy sector in Georgia, making it one of the most promising sectors for the country's development.

Tamashobana is anticipating major export projects in 2023, and a conceptual space is expected to open at the end of the year. The space will be open to anyone who wants to unwind, learn, have fun, and most importantly—play. The toy industry in Georgia is expanding daily, and the number of female entrepreneurs is rising. Nau Songhulashvili encourages women not to lose faith in themselves or their ideas, to be more courageous, and to always make time for learning and self-development.