Posted: 1 year ago

Students Created a Website with a Payment Function using Blockchain System

Davit Petriashvili and Adam Karam, students of Kutaisi International University, created a website for GMT-Holding using modern technologies.

This is a company that mainly works on agricultural products. Young people worked within the scope of the project "Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)", which was implemented at KIU with funding from the USAID Economic Security Program.

Students in the computer science program studied the latest technologies, then worked on a real application and created a website that was already delivered to the business. After that, GMT-Holding customers will be able to make payments in an unconventional way, through cryptocurrency.

Due to the fact that at this stage there is less practice of using cryptocurrency, now adults had to learn a lot of new things. Student Davit Petriashvili, who worked on the mentioned program together with his fellow students, tells Entrepreneur what one of the innovations of modern technologies is related to.

"Within the project, we had to study different technologies. Find out what blockchain is. We combined the payment system and authorization on the site because both will work on the cryptocurrency wallet. To put it more clearly, the payment is made online directly between two people, that is, in this way, the customer will be able to pay the cost of the product without any supervisor or intermediary, such as a bank," says Davit.

The founder of GMT Holding, Goga Kvaratskhelia, learned about the possibility of the mentioned project at the exhibition of student business projects. The company manages several startups, including a platform based on blockchain technology - "Digital Village". Taking into account the activity, he discovered that the platform offered by the students was adapted to his business, and cooperation took place. It should be noted that the company has already hired 5 employees for the project, and it is also planned to cooperate with the students themselves.

The project "Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)" was ongoing for 9 months, and representatives of micro, small and medium businesses operating in Georgia had the opportunity to participate in it. About 250 companies and 100 KIU students were involved in the work process. Young innovators have created online platforms for client companies that meet modern requirements. Contracts were signed with a total of 6 companies.