Posted: 3 years ago

Startups That Produce Georgian Themed Gifts   

These startups have a wonderful selection of products whether you're leaving Georgia and want to take a piece of your memories with you or your friend is moving and you want to give something that will remind them of the country. Use this list to assist you in finding the perfect gift. 


ISTORIALI offers a wide range of high quality Georgian cultural gifts varying from the motives inspired by rich archaeological finds developed and designed by GACC, to traditional crafts handmade by Georgian artists and artisans.


Usuli produces 100% natural self-care products and medicines with the ingredients straight from the Georgian forests. 


Igrika makes handmade accessories according to Georgian ornaments. Here you can buy traditional supras, napkins, decorative pillow cases, and many more.  


Mandili offers Georgian-themed traditional scarves, backpacks, carpets. Their prints are vibrant, diverse and meet any taste. 

Emocia Wines

Emocia Wines creates handmade accessories, associated with wine and grapes. Grape brooches, made of natural gemstones represent analogues of Georgian endemic wine varieties. The company’s goal is to introduce Georgia to the whole world as the homeland. 

Mao Style 

Mao's colorful clothes are created to promote Georgia both inside and outside the country.Their most common print is contours of Georgia’s map.