Posted: 5 months ago

Startuperi Partners Up with Platform Face2Face Launching Consultation Series

The TBC Startuperi program continues to support new businesses. This time, a series of individual consultations were created in collaboration with the Startuperi and the platform Face2Face.

11 professional startupers will be presented with specialists from other fields. 

Face2Face is an online consulting platform where you can schedule a meeting with industry professionals. On the platform, you will find startup advisors with whom you can get a consultation for free.

The purpose of participating in the project is to meet the needs of new businesses.

When starting a new business, a startup may not know how to grow a new business and need professional advice in many areas.

The startup has been conducting individual consultations for several years, however, the large-scale platform of Face2face makes it possible for more startups to benefit from the service. With this joint initiative, the audience will have the opportunity to talk to professionals in the field with whom they would not otherwise have been given the opportunity for individual consultation.

Consultations will be available in the following areas:

- New business

- Creating a brand

- Design

- Strategy

- Motivation

- Career

- Education

- Architecture

- Law

- Finance

If you have challenges in starting a new business that can be solved with reliable advice, book a free meeting with a startup advisor on the Face2Face platform and talk to the best professionals in different areas of business.