Posted: 2 years ago

Startup Pharao Wins Training in Cleveland within Fablab Iliauni's Project

The startup PHARAO took first place in Fablab Iliauni's project and won training in Cleveland, the US as a prize.
PHARAO's group of graphic and 3D designers create real human hyperrealistic 3D scans and store them in a digital library by using innovative laser scanning technology. 

The startup PHARAO was founded by a group of graphic designers, whose members, after graduating from the Academy of Arts in Georgia, continued their studies in communication design at the University of Augsburg, Germany (focus on Branding and UI/UX Design).

Fablab Iliauni is a laboratory equipped with modern digital and computer equipment and the latest machines.

The laboratory is an opportunity for inventors and entrepreneurs to create initial prototypes of any innovative product, produce test batches and lay the foundation for building their own start-up companies.