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Posted: 1 year ago

Spacebox- Space Themed Boxes Full of Chocolate

Despite the passage of time and many changes, chocolate remains one of the most in demand and indispensable nuggets for people.

In the international market there are more and more manufacturers offering a variety of taste variations of this product. Among them is SPACEBOX, which has just appeared on the Georgian market and promises an unforgettable journey with a space-themed box, discovering news and impressive, long-lasting memories. A delicious start belongs to Anuka Kakabadze and Nutsa Kirtadze, who soon realized the idea and presented a new, interesting concept product to Georgian consumers.

''The idea to create SPACEBOX came to me on November 10th. A similar box already exists in Japan. Together with my childhood friend Nutsa Kirtadze, I decided to make a chocolate-like package. I believe that such innovations are needed in the market. Boxing is an interesting synthesis of two of my favorite phenomena - chocolate and space. Like all beginners, we have had to overcome many obstacles. Especially when you do not yet have the experience of running a small business. However, we overcame the challenges and introduced a different product to the customers with our own resources. In modern business we think that the most important thing is a satisfied customer. We will try to help as many people as possible to give each other precious emotions, ”said Anuka Kakabadze.

You will find Italian chocolate balls of the famous cake house "Azzato" in the spacebox. Each chocolate ball repeats the shape of the planets in the solar system. You can taste 5 balls of them with hazelnut heart stuffing, and 5 without it. After an initial journey into the cosmic flavors of chocolate, the authors of SPACEBOX promise many more thematic and tasteful innovations.

"Our goal is to give the customers a great joy. That’s why SPACEBOX will always be more than just a box of chocolates. Happy customers are the most precious, invaluable achievement for us. In the future, we also plan to release limited boxes created with different themes. In addition, in the near future we will offer you different options of chocolate, ”said Nutsa Kirtadze.

And if you are ready to get unique impressions and experiences at the beginning of the new year, SPACEBOX promises you a new opportunity sit in colorful flavors.

Source: Entrepreneur