Posted: 6 months ago

Social Enterprise Kodala Wins Business Award 2021 for Outstanding Social Responsibility

The social enterprise "Kodala" became the winner of the TBC Business Award 2021 for outstanding social responsibility.

Kodala has been around since 2016 and manufactures eco-friendly wood products, including wooden prefabricated toys that develop a child's imagination and memory, helping the children to train their eyes. The paint does not completely cover the wood structure, which helps the child to feel the energy of the wood. The surface is covered with environmentally friendly paints for toys, which are completely safe for children and comply with the European standard of toy safety.

The company's value chain is in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact. Kodala's company employs 25 people, including 16 people with disabilities, thus the company promotes their re-socialization, integration into society and decent employment.

TBC Business Awards 2021 was held in an updated format and the winners were revealed. This year, two new nominations were added to the award: for Best Business Partnership and for Outstanding Role in the Development of the Region. 360 companies participated in the competition, the best of which were selected by an independent jury.