Posted: 1 year ago

Second Series of Data Challenge Begins

The Bank of Georgia is launching the second series of the largest data project - Data Challenge.

Within the framework of the Data Challenge competition, participants have the opportunity to participate in the competition alone or with a team, complete a given task and win a cash prize in case of victory.

The prize fund will be distributed according to the following principle: the first place team will receive 30,000 GEL; Second place - 15,000 GEL, and third place - 5,000 GEL. In addition, the participants will be given the opportunity to be employed at the Bank of Georgia.

Any citizen of Georgia who is interested in the field of computer sciences, mathematics, physics or economics can participate in the project.

To participate in the challenge and complete the task, the contestant must register on the website. 

Project participants will be evaluated by professional data scientists, and they will be mentored by Bank of Georgia employees. These are the data scientists of the Bank of Georgia: Nikoloz Mamisashvili, Sofiko Kurdadze, Luka Tsabadze, Ketevan Otiashvili, Sandro Khizanishvili, Nino Gogoladze and Nikoloz Jangisherashvili.

"The Bank of Georgia is constantly trying to introduce innovations and encourage people interested in the field of data science. We are happy to start the second series of Data Challenge in Georgia. This means that the project met our expectations. This competition provides a unique opportunity for young people to meet people interested in data science, to share knowledge and experience with each other, and most importantly, to discover new opportunities in this direction. We believe that this initiative will significantly contribute to the discovery of new talents and the development of data science in the country," said Irakli Gogatishvili, head of the data research laboratory of the Bank of Georgia.

For information, 125 teams participated in the first series of Data Challenge, the largest data project. Within the framework of the project, 3 winners were identified, who were awarded with cash prizes. They are: Pier Piper, Synapse and Brainblinker. Their first task was the algorithmic solution of the recommender system.