Posted: 1 year ago

"Samzadisi" - New Startup is Getting Ready to Establish a Place in the Georgian Food Industry

A new startup is preparing to establish a place in the Georgian gastronomic industry. "Samzadisi" is a company founded by Ani Macharashvili and Acho Tskheladze that has no analog in the Georgian market.

Foreign and diverse cuisine recipes from different countries of the world are gathered on one platform, in the cooking application. After registering, the user will select one of the 15 recipes of the week and order it there. After the payment is completed, the recipe becomes available, and all the ingredients needed to prepare the selected dish are collected in the preparation box and make their way to the customer's home.

The concept of the brand implies a new, simplified experience of cooking at home, the main advantage of which is avoiding the discomforts associated with cooking. "Samzadisi", on the one hand, is an adventurous, family, friends, or solo ritual that helps you to make the preparation process easier, save time, have a fun experience, and forget about the inconveniences that can accompany cooking at home.

"Samzadisi" is a simplified way to prepare a delicious dish at home, because each step of the preparation is described in detail in the recipe. This makes things easier for beginners and amateur cooks and saves time for experienced cooks.

The advantage of cooking is that along with time, it saves energy since users will not need to search for the necessary ingredients in the market, supermarkets, or online shopping sites to buy products. Moreover, in the preparation boxes, you can find products that are not easily available in the Georgian market.

The application contains recipes for Georgian, European, and Asian dishes: including meat and fish, vegetarian and vegan, low-calorie, quick, and tasty dishes, which creates a variety of choices for people with any taste or eating routine.