Posted: 2 weeks ago

QuickShipper - A Single tab that Empowers Customers to Manage any Type of Delivery Effortlessly

As the demand for swift and reliable shipping solutions continues to soar, the delivery service market has become increasingly crowded. But amid the clutter of competitors, some ventures manage to make a unique mark by directly tackling the challenges businesses face in logistics and shipping. QuickShipper is one such standout, offering a multifaceted platform that aims to redefine how companies around the world manage their delivery needs.

Founded by Mariam Akhvlediani, along with teammates Levan and Ilia, QuickShipper comes equipped with years of logistics expertise. The platform presents a single, unified tab that addresses a variety of delivery needs for companies, regardless of whether they operate with their own fleet of drivers or outsource their delivery services.

In this exclusive interview, Mariam Akhvlediani offers insights into the genesis of QuickShipper, its problem-solving capabilities, and its blueprint for global expansion. Through real-time tracking features, strategic partnerships, and an intuitive one-stop interface, QuickShipper is setting new standards in the delivery service industry. Read on to learn more about Mariam and her team's remarkable journey with QuickShipper.

Mariam, what inspired you to co-found QuickShipper, and how does it stand out in the crowded delivery service market?

The founding team of QuickShipper comprises Levan, Ilia, and myself. Together, we have accumulated extensive experience and expertise in the field of logistics through our longstanding collaboration. We had to face all the challenges firsthand and tackle them with various methods. This invaluable experience led us to the realization that we could develop a product capable of assisting businesses across all industries worldwide in overcoming delivery-related obstacles. So we created QuickShipper, which is a one-stop solution that takes orders from various channels and dispatches them either to businesses' in-house or external drivers.

What distinguishes QuickShipper from other solutions is our software's unique feature: a single tab that empowers customers to manage any type of delivery effortlessly. Whether a company relies on its own drivers or not, we provide them with a versatile platform that caters to their every need.

Can you describe the core challenges that QuickShipper is addressing for businesses?

Delivery is the most costly part of the ecommerce transaction, hence businesses always have to look for ways to drive down these costs. What we offer them is simple:

If they have their own drivers, we provide them with all the tools necessary to manage them more efficiently. We equip drivers with easy-to-use apps and our software creates the most optimal routes for them. The goal is to help them deliver as many packages as possible while covering the minimum distance.

Conversely, for companies without in-house drivers, we connect them with a network of delivery companies offering their services. This network is seamlessly integrated into our platform, granting businesses immediate access to real-time availability and pricing from these delivery providers. In addition to providing a diverse selection, we simplify and centralize various processes such as integrations, billing, and customer support. 

How does the real-time tracking function in QuickShipper enhance the delivery process for both businesses and their customers?

A significant number of customers abandon their shopping carts primarily due to a lack of transparency in the process. Businesses often neglect to provide customers with crucial information, such as shipment dates, real-time order status updates, and estimated delivery times. This deficiency acts as a significant deterrent to completing a purchase. Therefore, creating a shareable tracking link that offers comprehensive order details can significantly enhance sales for businesses.

Furthermore, the transparency enabled by our tracking link helps reduce inquiries to the customer support teams of the companies, as all the information that the buyers need is shown on there. 

How do you foresee the growth of QuickShipper beyond Georgian borders? Are there specific markets you are targeting?

QuickShipper is a software that can be used anywhere in the world. We have already started offering our courier management system worldwide. In terms of launching a network of external delivery companies, we plan to expand into 3 new markets within the next 6 months.

As a SaaS platform, what key features does QuickShipper offer that makes it a go-to choice for businesses?

Indeed, QuickShipper truly stands out as an all-encompassing solution. Regardless of the specific delivery requirements a company may have, everything is conveniently accessible within a single tab. With QuickShipper, there's no need for concerns about managing individual contracts, handling monthly billing, or juggling various communication channels with customers. We streamline and centralize all of these processes into one user-friendly tab, simplifying operations for businesses.

Moreover, our commitment extends to consistently providing our customers with optimal choices and ensuring cost-effective delivery services. As an example, our ongoing partnership with Glovo Georgia grants our customers a generous 40% discount on their delivery services. We intend to continue fostering such collaborations, ensuring that every retail seller enjoys immediate access to efficient and delightful delivery solutions.