Posted: 2 years ago

POSTRED Established an Academy for Sound Design and Music for Visual Media

In collaboration with USAID's Employers for Vocational Education initiative, POSTRED Academy was established to instruct those who are interested in sound design and music for visual media.

POSTRED is a post-production studio that provides audio-visual and immersive media services, namely sound and music for film, advertising, video games and other television and interactive media.

During the past 7 years, POSTRED has cooperated with such major international companies as Paramount Pictures, HBO, Netflix, BBC, Hulu, A24, Apple TV+, The Farm Group, Formosa Group and others.

POSTRED's portfolio includes projects such as the new installment of the cult horror film series Scream 5 and C'mon,C'mon starring Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix, one of the most popular TV series Euphoria and more.