Posted: 5 years ago

Planting Vine from Home- Startup

Georgian wine lovers and viticulture followers are able to plant vines from their own homes and select desirable names for them. The service users will be able to carry out winegrowing and vintage process in distance – they will supervise the growing of their own vines and receive harvest in autumn without leaving home. has launched a new startup. This is an innovative idea of startupers Ilia Datunashvili, Bacho Khachidze and Luka Bakhsoliani.
This innovation enables our citizens to co-participate in planting vines and developing viticulture in Georgia, Ilia Datunashvili said. The startupers have the vineyard in Kondoli, the Tsinandali microzone. The startupers also plan to arrange a small chateau. 

“Bacho had gained experience from Tripex project, under which users could plant trees as part of Borjomi woodland restoration project through the website. We thought we could do the same in case of vineyards. This initiative is related to healthy environment and the vine is associated with the history and identity of our country. The problem is that we call our country a homeland of winemaking, but we drink spirits rather wines. We enable people to ask questions about which varieties of grapes may be planted, what conditions they need and so on. In this way many users will co-participate in the winegrowing process”.

In the future the startupers plan to scan vineyards from drones to supply real time information to users about the existing condition of vineyards and bottling personal wines. Moreover, through auxiliary reality inserted in mobile application and through identification of QR code on a wine bottle, the users will be able to identify the photo of their own vines and location. The startup was introduced a month ago. Currently, the price of planting a vine is 39-99 GEL.