Posted: 2 months ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

PHARAO - Team that Creates Digital Library of Human 3D Scans

Photo: PHARAO team members - Givi Gamkrelidze, Ana Grdzelishvili

The startup PHARAO was founded by a group of graphic designers, whose members, after graduating from the Academy of Arts in Georgia, continued their studies in communication design at the University of Augsburg, Germany (focus on Branding and UI/UX Design).

After 4 years of experience in the Art Director position in German design agencies and Startups, PHARAO's team members decided to start a startup with a modern digitalization service. The project is based on a bachelor's thesis.

PHARAO's group of graphic and 3D designers create real human hyperrealistic 3D scans and store them in a digital library by using innovative laser scanning technology. We had a conversation with Givi Gamkrelidze, Founder and CEO of Pharao, about their purpose:

''We believe people matter! Every single one of us: you, your family, friends, people around the planet… We are important not only as an individual but also as key parts of the global informational DATA.

Unfortunately, during the history of civilization, this information has always been lost. With the exception of historical figures, we have practically no idea what our ancestors looked like.

To prevent further loss of this unique information, within the Startup PHARAO, our group of graphic and 3D designers, through a new, innovative laser scanning technology creates a real human hyperrealistic 3D scan library,'' said Givi Gamkrelidze. 

Members of the startup team are now participating in the Impact Hub accelerator program. PHARAO's team is also taking part in the Big Idea Challenge, developing branding and marketing strategies, analyzing competitors, and doing their best to reach the project's maximum potential.

''Participation in Impact hub is very important for the project. Within the acceleration, we go through critical analysis, ask painful questions, look for problem solutions, etc. Opportunities to acquire the public and deliver the product correctly to the consumer are also very important. We hope, we manage to bring the project to the next level,'' said the founder of the startup. 

Pharao is currently trying to attract potential customers and partners who are interested in participating in the project.

''We negotiate with modeling agencies, digital fashion startups, and individual models who want to be scanned. The Art Academy is also interested in collaborating with the project, which is offering a workspace and a 3D laser scanner. The most important thing we do for the project is a product prototype that we will use for presentations.''

The startup's goals are new to the Georgian market and moving to the next level might bring impact in different directions and industries.