Photo: Entrepreneur Georgia

Posted: 1 year ago

Petsmart- Business Created with Love of Pets

"The love of pets united us, two friends. Back in the summer, when it was not a good time to start a business, the idea was born that we should look for toys that would develop and not bother our pet friends who stayed at home.

We started market research. We saw what style of toys and accessories we found locally, at the same time we found all the necessary information about pets. First of all, we focused on quality. The main thing for us was to provide all the necessary items to the customer, which would facilitate the care of the animal.

The main part of our products consists of smart toys. One of them is a WiFi-camera with a laser that will not bother your friend staying at home. That we do not always have to think about how our pet is doing, whether it is bored, through this camera we can keep an eye on them. The built-in microphone and speaker allow us to establish two-way audio communication. This and many more smart devices we can offer our customers today. Through them, our friends can play for hours without help.

We took care of the other side as well: You have often heard that the bad habit of dogs is to gnaw and destroy everything. There may be an explanation for this, which may be, for example, itching of the gums. To quench this urge, they often destroy our furniture or even our shoes. At such times it is best to give itmes to dogs that can really be gnawn. For example, chewing cactus - kills the desire to chew and at the same time protects oral hygiene.

We think that what we have today is minimal compared to what we will offer to our customers in the future. So far, we are operating as an online store. The customer can easily choose the desired item, buy the product from the website and the courier will deliver it to the desired address. We - a team of animal lovers, entered the market with a variety of toy accessories. Most importantly, quality and affordable prices and the best service. "