Posted: 1 year ago

Participants of Startup Drive Acceleration Phase Revealed

Participants of Future Laboratory and Tegeta Holding startup acceleration program presented business ideas. Up to 20 startups working in the field of auto innovations have passed the pre-acceleration stage. The 10 teams that passed the acceleration stage were revealed by a specially selected jury:

Autoelement - a P2P online auto parts store that connects parts and vehicle owners;

Ivi legal - a legal platform for the logistics sector designed to support truck drivers in the process of moving to specific countries;

Sos auto - a mobile application for car assistance to call a tow truck;

Take me - a platform for connecting drivers and passengers, through which it is possible to transport parcels safely and securely;

MG Drones - transport of small and medium-sized parcels by technologically advanced drones;

Cartune - an Airbnb style app for the auto industry that aims to connect users with car dealers;

Unipass - a unified platform for connecting transport companies and passengers, which improves the quality of service and increases safety. The platform is an improved product based on Web and Mobile technologies in the field of bookings;

Egarage - an application that allows the driver of the vehicle to control the time of service;

Opucat - travel bag for mopeds with heating and cooling system;

SD - smart technology for safe travel. The device identifies a drunk driver, identifies whether the same person is taking the breathalyzer test and the driver of the car.

Startups selected for the acceleration phase will receive a GEL 5,000 grant. Over the next 3 months, the teams will work on the formation and testing of their business idea prototype with the investment received. They will be assisted by industry specialists and experienced startups in deepening and developing their knowledge. Participants will have one-on-one meetings with mentors, attend P2P meetings, and invited speaker sessions. Finally, startup results and prototypes will be presented by the teams on a demo day and the winners will have access to a GEL 200,000 investment fund.

"Startup Drive has shown that there is a lot of interest in the corporate acceleration program. Demand was high for auto innovations as well. After the pre-acceleration phase, with the help of sessions and mentors, we have made great progress in terms of developing the selected startups. I am glad that 10 very interesting startups will have the opportunity to realize their ideas, ”said Irakli Kashibadze, founder of Future Laboratory.

With the support of Future Laboratory and Tegeta Holding, the startup acceleration project for startups started last year and more than 150 startups have expressed interest in participating. As a result of the selection, up to 20 participants moved to the pre-acceleration stage. They were able to work on the business idea with the help of industry specialists. For 3 weeks, the teams attended various thematic sessions and received recommendations from Georgian and foreign mentors.