Posted: 2 years ago

Our Objective is to Attract 1 million Users in 12 Months – Georgian Internet Browser Stack

Georgian Internet Brower Company Stack has signed a grant agreement with the Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA). The company has won the second phase of the GITA’s 650,000-GEL grant program.

As the company co-founder Giorgi Laliashvili told Business Partner, the startup won the GITA grant contest at the beginning of 2020, but it obtained an international investment for the co-funding component recently. “Now we can launch the project implementation. The grant must be spent in 12 months. During this period, we plan to take into consideration the ideas and develop recommendations from our users. We will also make STACK accessible for various operational systems, for example, cellular systems, create additional functions to simplify working on the Internet. Our objective is to cover a broader circle of users and has attracted 1 million users in 12 months”, Giorgi Laliashvili noted.

The company launched operations in November 2018 and has already attracted more than 60,000 users, including 20,000 users use the STACK browser actively. The major part of users is registered in Japan, the USA, South Korea, and European countries. In Georgia, we have very few users, because, initially, our browser was developed for Apple operational system. Later, we entered Windows system too in Georgian language and after that the number of Georgia users started growing. “Winning the grants has positively influenced our development and success. We won the first grant from GITA. This victory raised the investors’ interest and popularized STACK. The most important factor is that the grant applications are appraised by an international committee. In this process, you receive big knowledge and experience and despite final decision, you remain winner anyway. I suggest all beginner startups to take part in similar competitions”, STACK co-founder noted. On the whole, we have attracted investments of $1 million, including grants of $230,000. Stack is an international startup that has been developing a Georgian alternative to the internet browsers. It enables to use Facebook, Twitter, Iinstagram, Linkedin and other social platforms simultaneously. The company launched operation in November 2018. Stack is the first Georgian company, where the 500 Startups from Silicon Valley, Dutch major investment fund Peak Capital and Angel Investors made their investments.