Posted: 3 years ago

Otakhi - Digital Store Set Up to Support Startups

Startupers have created a digital store to support Georgian entrepreneurs.

The new platform "Otakhi"(room) currently houses the products of about 40 small entrepreneurs.

According to the co-founders of the company, their goal is to popularize products made in Georgia and take them to international markets.

According to Tamuna Sardlishvili, the idea arose during the pandemic when Georgian businesses found it especially difficult and the need for e-commerce became even higher.

"That is why we decided to create a Georgian digital store and help Georgian startups to sell their products. Our goal is to export and promote the products of Georgian designers and masters in the sale of products abroad," Sardlishvili said.

At this stage, the products can be purchased only in Georgia, but the startup is actively working on modernizing the website. Upon completion of the process, the products will be available for purchase and transportation abroad.