Posted: 2 years ago

Nina's Art Room Starts Creating Christmas Themed Souvenirs

Nina’s Art Room offers customers different styles of jewelry and accessories made of polymer clay, as well as themed and festive souvenirs.

The uniqueness of the items lies in the fact that each detail is processed by hand without gauges, using different techniques.

"I have a line of flowers, which means jewelry and accessories that are visually close to natural flowers. Demand for this product is normal, although I expect more, it deserves quite a lot of public approval, but due to the price and the current economic situation, sales are reduced. I think it has great potential for development in the future, "said the founder of Nina's Art Room.

For the New Year, Nina’s Art Room will offer customers a collection of a winter theme. The brand cooperates with various online stores and has orders from abroad, both retail and corporate.

"Before the pandemic, the product was sold at exhibitions, in various malls and online, now I have completely switched to online sales. I participate in various grant, educational programs and projects time to time.

I started hosting sculpting courses, composing for different age groups, both amateur and professional. More people enrolled in them than I thought, however, due to the specifics of this case, it is impossible to complete the training remotely. Therefore, the study was temporarily suspended, ”said Nino Shakiashvili.